In Store
$75.00/Hr + Tax
Basic In Store labor, Our technicians will quickly handle the problem that was discovered in our diagnostics. we have a 1/2 Hr minimum charge.
On Site
$90.00/Hr + Tax
We send a technician to your location. We charge from the moment the Technician leaves the office to the moment they return.
Wipe & Reinstall
$170.00 Flat Rate + Tax
Our technicians safely remove the previous Operating System and install a fresh copy of the Operating System of choice.
Virus & Spyware Removal
$185.00 Flat Rate + Tax
Our technicians use our specialty tool kit to scan and locate any known threat on the system.
Data Transfer
$125.00 Flat Rate + Tax
Our technicians remove the hard drive from the previous and use specialty tools to copy user data (Documents, Pictures, Music, Video) to the new device. This does not save programs.